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Testimonials: Staff


H.S. 1st year student

Hearing about the excellent results of the college since establishment in the year 2005, I couldn't stop myself from getting into M.J. College. Our respected teachers do a commendable job in making us learn and understand and clear even the smallest doubt that arises in our mind. They keep us motivated thoroughly and we are more of a family than just an institution. Various events like the Freshmen social, birthday celebrations of the students, visit to book fair, prize distribution and many more refreshes our minds and we find utmost joy in these.



H.S. 1st year student

Our college was established in the year 2005 and I got admitted here in the batch of 2021. At first I had a lot of questions in my mind that how would the teachers be? How will I approach them for clearing doubts without hesitation? But it's completely different here than what I imagined. The love and affection our teachers showered on us is really unbelievable. Each lecture lasts for 45 minutes during which we get thorough understanding of our lessons. I really feel proud to be a part of such a good institution.



H.S. 1st year student

I am really happy to get admitted in Mancotta Junior College. The teachers here are very good and polite. They teach us with a lot of interest and enthusiasm. I really cherish the time I get to spend with my classmates and friends at college. Our Director and the entire faculty of M.J. College are very courteous and decorous.



H.S. 1st year student

I am currently an H.S. 1st year student of Mancotta Junior College. I was very scared and had mixed feelings when I first came here. How will I coup up ? How will I start a conversation with everyone? However the atmosphere here is very good. Everyone is very helpful, cooperative and friendly. The teachers accepted us lovingly which made it easier for us to interact and study better. They also provide us annexures and help with the tough questions. It makes me delighted to be able to complete my education from this college.

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